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Tata Swach

Water for health
Tata Swach silver-based water purifiers were introduced in the Indian market in 2009, with a vision of reducing the impact of water-borne diseases, by providing safe drinking water to the masses. Using advanced silver nano-technology, Tata Swach became one of the most affordable, point-of-use water purification solutions and continued to expand its presence in Indian households. The non-electric Tata Swach water purifier meets the USEPA guidelines for bacteria and virus removal to provide safe drinking water to consumers without using any harmful chemicals.

For its consumer-friendly design and innovative technology, Tata Swach has received many national and international accolades, like WSJ Asian Innovation Awards-Hong Kong, ICIS Best product Innovation Award-UK, 'Gold' - IDSA Design of the Decade Awards USA, IF Product Design Award, Germany and Product of the Year-India.

Now, with the Tata Swach portfolio expansion into the electric purification range, the brand now caters to the entire spectrum of water-related concerns of consumers, including high TDS, high turbidity and microbial contamination.

With ‘silver action inside’, Tata Swach purifiers provide safe drinking water adhering to international guidelines and longer purifier life.

Tata Swach is the complete water purification solution for every home-maker which helps her accomplish her mission of providing safe drinking water to her loved ones.

Tata Swach Product Range

Non-Electric, Storage Purifiers:
Tata Swach Smart
Available in attractive colour options, the Tata Swach Smart is amongst the most value-for-money storage water purifiers available. With a purified water storage capacity of 7.5 liters, the purifier has a purification capacity of 1,500 liters.
Tata Swach Cristella Plus
The elegant and distinguished triangular design Tata Swach Cristella Plus has a scratch-resistant, sturdy body. It has a water-level indicator for easy re-filling. With a purified water storage capacity of 9 liters, the purifier has a purification capacity of 3,000 liters.
Tata Swach Silver Boost
The Tata Swach Silver Boost is powered by the Tata Swach MF membrane along with the Tata Swach Bulb to provide protection against bacteria, virus and cyst. It has a host of other consumer benefits likes a direct tap fill option, attractive colour options, high purified water storage capacity of 14 liters and purification kit life of 3000 liters.

Electric Purifiers Range:
Tata Swach Platina Silver RO water purifier
The advanced five stage RO purifier has international standard, NSF certified RO Membrane and a modern sleek look. Its unique Special Silver Safety prevents bio-fouling of the cartridges thereby increasing the purifier’s life. The purifier has user-friendly Double-i-Care indicators and a seven-litre zero contamination tank. Tata Swach Platina Silver RO has been specifically designed with a single-click front opening mechanism to remove the hassles of uninstallation thereby reducing servicing time.
Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV water purifier
The 6-stage Tata Swach Ultima RO+UV purifier has all the features of Tata Swach Platina along with an additional stage of UV purification and cartridge end-of-life indication. Auto membrane flushing, voltage spike guard protection are standard features of Tata Swach Platina and Ultima Silver RO purifiers.

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For more information see www.tataswach.com