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Innovation centres

TCL Innovation Centre | Centre for Agriculture and Techonology (CAT)

Tata Chemicals believes that it can leverage its expertise in chemicals and agri-businesses to offer innovative products and services that could change people’s lives for the better. And it has made it its mission to serve society through science. 

Although TCL started its life as a chemicals company, it has been able to successfully integrate itself with the other sciences. The company has identified what it terms the FEW areas of focus – food and fuel, energy and environment and water and wellness. It is working on innovative products and services in each of these areas. 

At the TCL Innovation Centre in Pune, set up in 2004, the focus is on FEW and exploring how these sectors can be best served. The centre is working on products and services that are positioned at the intersection between physics and chemistry (nanotechnology) and biology and chemistry (biotechnology) to come with innovative solutions to old problems.

In the area of water and wellness, for instance, one of the best known outcomes of the research being undertaken is Tata Swach, a low-cost water purifier.

The TCL Innovation Centre is also working to build a significant presence in the biofuels sector. It is researching technologies that can mitigate climate change through "green chemistry" and product offerings that will make a difference like flue gas treatment, carbon absorption and nano glass-coatings for insulation. The centre is also looking at nutraceuticals as part of its wellness initiatives.

TCL Innovation Centre
Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre was set up with the objective of developing world-class R&D facility working on more than 20 projects in the areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology. It has now moved from being TCL-centric to a having a much wider base of clients, from the Tata group as well as external companies.

The team of scientists at the centre is working in the following areas:

Advanced materials
Specialty chemicals
Green chemistry and catalysis

Centre for Agriculture and Techonology (CAT)
The CAT has been set up in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh to provide advice to farmers on farming and crop nutrition practices and solutions. This centre is staffed with experienced scientists who are working in various areas of agri-technology. Specific projects have been undertaken on determining area and crop specific nutrition products and combinations, soil health tracking through indexing etc.

The CAT is expected to provide TCL a competitive advantage in the future and will provide a very strong base for the growth of the company in its customised fertiliser business, specialty crop nutrients business and agribusiness.

At its agricultural technology centre in Aligarh, TCL has been engaged in development of Paras Farmoola customised fertilisers. These fertilisers are designed for specific crop and soil requirements and hence yield better results.