Tata Kisan Sansar


Tata Kisan Sansar is a dedicated network of retail stores created by Tata Chemicals that act as a one-stop shop for farm solutions. Currently there are over 820 Tata Kisan Sansar (TKS) stores in India that reach out to approximately 2.3 million farmers.

The TKS network covers around 23,000 villages, and approximately 2.3 million acres overall. It is spread across 4 states and 68 districts in the north zone and three states and 20 districts in the east zone. Each Tata Kisan Sansar store is a one-stop outlet that caters to 25-30 villages and offers key agri inputs and services, including:

I. Agri inputs

  • Primary nutrients (Urea, DAP, MOP, NPK, etc)
  • Specialty fertilisers (zinc sulphate, micronutrients, calcium nitrate, organic fertilisers, water soluble fertilisers, etc)
  • Hybrid seeds (field and vegetable crops)
  • Crop protection products

II. Farmer advisory services

  • Experts and farm advisors: TKS provides a range of innovative and unique services to farmers through a dedicated team of krishi preraks and agronomists on the field, giving them that extra edge over traditional farming practices. There are more than 300 such farm advisors in the TKS network.
  • Soil testing: For macro and micro nutrients in the soil, helping the farmer make an informed decision about what nutrients to apply in his field.
  • Agri advisory and complaint management: A tollfree helpline has been set up for the redressal of complaints and taking feedback, apart from providing information to the farmers on various offerings.
  • Farmer training: Bringing the latest knowledge to farmers on various aspects of agriculture helps to update the existing formidable knowledge base of the farming populace, equipping them for tomorrow's challenges. This knowledge covers farm related issues like integrated pest management and integrated nutrient management and is imparted through:
    Farmer meetings at village level
    • Crop seminars at central locations
    • Educational trips to plants, agri university fairs, etc
    • Crop specific mobile programs

III. Tata Kisan Parivar membership programme
The Tata Kisan Parivar membership programme is a unique relationship Initiative aimed at the most important stakeholder in the value chain – the end consumer. It is a loyalty based programme with focus on differentiated benefits such as critical weather information, mandi rates through mobile and trackable soil testing services

The TKS journey
The farmer-oriented network had first started as the Tata Kisan Kendra, which were exclusive franchised retail outlets that offered agri-inputs. It was then repositioned in 2004 as Tata Kisan Sansar (meaning farmer's world), and transformed to become a 'one-stop farmer's solution shop'. The objective is to empower farmers by boosting farm productivity and income, through value-added products and innovative services.