Soda Ash - Sodium carbonate


Soda Ash is one of the most widely used chemicals. Large quantities are employed in the manufacture of glass, soap and rayon and it is also used in the textile, dyeing and bleaching industries, as well as for water-softening, paper –making, souring wool and cotton, and making soda crystals.

In fact, there are very few industries in which soda is not used in some form or other.



1.Soda Crystals Manufacture.

The manufacture of soda crystals from Magadi ash can readily be carried out.

Soda crystals, which have the composition Na2CO3-10H2O, are made by cooling down hot, saturated, solutions of soda ash

2.Glass Manufacture.

Soda ash is the chief source of the alkali constituent of glass and the Magadi Soda Ash is increasingly used in the glass manufacturing industry.

3.Water Softening

Water never occurs in a pure state in nature but always contains impurities in suspension or solution. Thus by adding the appropriate amounts of lime and soda ash, the calcium and magnesium in hard water is almost entirely removed. For cheap and efficient water softening, the use of lime and Magadi Soda Ash, together with a small quantity of sodium aluminate, is recommended.

4.Caustic Liquor Manufacture

Certain industries such as the soap and mercerizing industries use solutions of caustic soda in large quantities to causticize soda ash with lime.