Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM), formerly Magadi Soda Company, has over the years demonstrated a strong commitment to environment protection. Continuous improvement and sustainability has been the driving force of its environment policy.

As a manufacturing company TCM recognizes that its activities have an impact on the environment. TCM constantly strives to be a good neighbor within the localities in which it operates, having the greatest respect for all of the assets and amenities of each community.

  • TCM standards for best environment practices are visible, robust, sustainable and subject to continuous monitoring. They include:
  • Independent and in-house environmental studies.
  • Specialists dedicated to assessing every aspect of our products and processes to ensure that any negative effects on the environment are kept to the minimum.
  • Projects to improve environmental effectiveness.
  • Working closely with external regulatory bodies to monitor and improve standards of performance.

TCM has been recognized as a good corporate citizen by the organizers of Company of the Year Awards (COYA) for several years. We have also received the judges' commendation certificate from the Petroleum Institute of East Africa.