Dense soda ash


Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM) is Africa's largest producer of soda ash, which is a vital raw material for several industries.

Magadi soda ash is principally used in the glass industry, as it is eminently suitable for the manufacture of bottles, jars, figured glass as well as flat glass. Other areas of use include:

  • Manufacture of sodium silicate and other sodium compounds
  • Formulation of detergents
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel and metallurgical industries


  • TCM's soda ash is packaged and sold as:
  • Bulk shipload up to approximately 15,000mt per vessel
  • One-tonne block bottomed woven polypropylene bags
  • 50kg woven polypropylene bags with inner polythene liner
Chemical composition
Total Sodium oxide Na20 % 58.00 MIN
Fluoride F 0.63 MAX  
Chloride Cl 0.20 MAX  
Sodium sulphate Na2SO4 0.30 MAX  
Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 0.15 MAX  
Iron oxide   0.03 MAX  
Insolubles in water   0.40 MAX  
Physical properties
Bulk density kg/m3 >900
Flow property angle of repose Degrees 38
Particle size
Sieve fraction (microns) Cumulative % Typical by weight %
1.000 Degrees 2.0
0.420   52.6
0.210   77.3   77.3
0.125   87.4
0.090   95.0
< 0.090 5.0 MAX 5.0

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