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Getting a 30-metre, £400,000 crane over a humpback bridge isn't easy!

Around £400,000 has been invested at British Salt in order to install a new salt crane, but getting it onto the Middlewich site was no mean feat!

Weighing in at a whopping 10 tonnes - and boasting a 5 tonne bucket - the new crane boasts a 98ft span from wheel to wheel. It will be used to collect salt from stores in large quantities during periods of production downturn, ensuring that our Salt business continues to run smoothly and efficiently all year round.

The crane, supplied by Technical Cranes, was transported from Rotherham using a rear steer trailer. The two beams of the crane were actually reversed over the humpback bridge on Cledford Lane while provisions were put in place to control traffic, with a number of employees helping the driver to navigate the narrow road.

Principal Mechanical Engineer Steve Nott said: “The original plan was to refurbish the existing crane, but it soon became apparent that the technology was outdated and we needed to bring a new one in.”

The original crane was installed in 1968 and in its heyday proved vitally important to the Salt business, but was decommissioned a number of years ago.

Steve added: “The new crane has perked the place up now, with its new blue and yellow paint. But more importantly it’s all made up of modern technology, electric controls, and its salt resistant. It's a fantastic investment and it's going to be a huge help in distributing salt."

For more information, visit the British Salt website.