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Tata Chemicals Europe's sodium bicarb appears in an unlikely place

One of our eagle-eyed colleagues noticed that a bag of our sodium bicarbonate popped up an episode of National Geographic TV's Car SOS.

The show features Tim Shaw and John 'Fuzz' Townshend working closely with a specialist car restoration team, helping to restore owners' classic cars from across the UK and Europe, often beginning in a serious state of disrepair.


Photo: National Geographic

In this particular episode, the pair restored the smallest car they had ever worked on (a Fiat Dino).

But where does sodium bicarbonate come into all this?

When restoring the car, the presenters needed to remove the aged paintwork without damaging the framework. In a process similar to - but much more gentle than - sandblasting, sodium bicarbonate is 'blasted' onto the framework, removing just the layer of paint and revealing shiny silver steel underneath.

Photo: National Geographic

With the help of Tata Chemicals Europe's Ultra Coarse Grade Sodium Bicarbonate - and the appropriate PPE of course! - the pair were able to strip the rust and paint from the near-50-year-old coupe with ease.

(Here is a picture of the finished project)

Photo: National Geographic

The episode originally aired on 6th April 2017, and is syndicated by Channel 4.

For more information about Sodium Bicarbonate and its (often surprising) uses, please click here.

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