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Jamie helped keep Mancunian revellers safe at ONE LOVE

Jamie Jackson is a Process Operative working at our Lostock site. But he's also a Sergeant in Greater Manchester Police's Special Constabulary, and on Sunday night he worked at the One Love fundraising concert in Manchester.

The concert was organised by US pop star Ariana Grande, two weeks after her concert at the Manchester Arena was targeted by a suicide bomber, killing 22 people. Some of the biggest names in pop music were there to show their support for families of the victims, including Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Liam Gallagher, Take That and Pharrell Williams.

Jamie's responsibilities at One Love were split into three phases. Before the concert, he patrolled the trams between Sale and Old Trafford, helping party-goers and offering security to those making the journey to the venue. During the concert, he was tasked with providing reassurance to revellers, and after the event he ensured that everyone was able to leave safely.


On his responsibilities during the concert, Jamie said: "It was a really friendly atmosphere. We were going around trying to put people's minds at rest. For example, there was a police helicopter flying above, and people were worried about it but we told them it was there for their own safety. The whole event was amazing - people were crying, hugging us, and thanking us for our help.

When asked if he was nervous, or feared a repeat terror incident, Jamie said: "I am a sergeant so I was looking after a team of six - I didn't have time to be nervous, we were kept very busy! We had to keep very vigil, with our minds very focused on the task in hand. The adrenaline kept us going all night.

"The concert passed by without incident. There wasn't much alcohol involved, it was a friendly family event, but of course we had that risk of a threat. In the end, there were a few suspicions - we were being very vigilant - but all it took was a few bag searches and all was fine."

"The whole night was a show of strength. It was Manchester's way of showing that we will not be put down. It was showing that we will not be scared, and that we are strong. In fact, it's made us even stronger.

Jamie has been a member of the Special Constabulary for seven years. He said: "It's my way of giving back to the community."

Greater Manchester police weren't the only force represented at the event, mutual aid was provided by forces from around the country from London Metropolitan police service to Durham constabulary.

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