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11 uses for Sodium Bicarbonate that may surprise you

Sodium Bicarbonate is a household product, commonly used for baking and cleaning.
You may even have a tub of it in your cupboard at home.

What you may not realise is just how many other ways that Sodium Bicarbonate gets into your home and your life.

Take a look at our list - you may be surprised!


1. Leather

Yes it’s used in the leather tanning industry, helping to make a tough durable product.


2. Textiles

Sodium Bicarbonate is used in the textile and dye industry helping to fix the blue colour in your favourite pair of denims.


3. Flooring

It even gets under your feet, where it is used to form the bubbles in the underlay to make your carpet feel soft to walk on.


4. Deodorisers

And talking of feet, Sodium Bicarbonate can deodorise your trainers after a workout.


5. PVC Windows

Sodium Bicarbonate is used in the manufacture of many PVC products such as those used in your window frames and other light weight durable household items.


6. On the farm, helping cows

Sodium Bicarbonate helps the digestive system of dairy cows in producing our milk.


7. Chickens, too

...and even helps the chickens to lay eggs with harder shells and hence less broken eggs.


8. Baking

Milk and eggs then come back together with Sodium Bicarbonate for its use as a raising agent in baking.


9. Toothpaste

And after eating that cake don’t forget to brush those teeth – Sodium Bicarbonate is used in many types of toothpaste and oral care products.


10. Plink plink fizz

Sodium bicarb is also used in the effervescent tablets you might use to cure a headache or hangover!


11. Bath bombs

And if that does cure the headache take a relaxing bath with a bath bomb where Sodium Bicarbonate creates a massive fizz.


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