Tata Nx Zero Sugar


Sourced from Stevia herb extract and lactose, Tata Nx Zero sugar is 100% natural, has a low glycaemic index and is best suited for people who have been advised to not take sugar. It blends easily in both hot and cold beverages. Unlike other sugar alternatives that are artificial sweeteners, Tata Nx Zero Sugar is the perfect natural alternative to real sugar.

One gram of Tata Nx Zero Sugar can replace five grams of regular sugar, for the same sweetness. Its key ingredient, lactose, is a natural, low-calorie sweetener, which breaks down slowly in the body. Tata Nx Zero Sugar also offers a lower glycaemic index, making it the better choice for people with diabetes.

Tata Nx is a part of Tata Chemicals’ nutritional solutions business, which offers a range of healthy products to enable a healthier way of living.

For more information, visit www.tatanx.in