Tata Nx Lite & Sweet


Tata Nx Lite & Sweet – 100% taste, 50% calories

With 50% calories less than an equal amount of regular sugar, Tata Nx Lite & Sweet promises great taste without the calories, making it the ideal sweetener for health-conscious people. 

Tata Nx Lite & Sweet is derived from the Stevia plant and from Malitol, a natural food extract that has a lesser impact on blood glucose levels in the body. It also contains probiotics that promote the growth of good bacteria that is essential for a healthy digestive system.

The perfect alternative for cooking and baking, as well as for use with hot and cold beverages, Tata Nx Lite & Sweet is the healthier option for the consumers who do not want to sacrifice taste for health benefits. .

What Tata Nx Lite& Sweet offers:

  • Low glycaemic index (GI), with a total value of around 35
  • Low caloric value of 2.1Kcal/gm (less than sugar, which contributes 4Kcal per gm)
  • Helps improve digestive health
  • Helps avoid tooth decay

Tata Nx is a part of Tata Chemicals’ nutritional solutions business, which offers a range of healthy products to enable a healthier way of living.

For more information, visit www.tatanx.in