Tata Salt Flavoritz


Tata Salt Flavoritz – Ab lao taste mein twist

Tata Salt FlavoritzTata Chemicals launched Tata Salt Flavoritz at the end of March 2012. Three flavoured salt variants were introduced at the launch - lemon coriander, red paprika and onion garlic. The brand also extended its flavour offerings with its branded black pepper powder. The launch marks the entry of the first indigenous brand of flavoured salts in India.

The company undertook a number of in-depth consumer research studies to identify unique flavours and arrived at an optimal product formulation for Flavoritz. The product development journey was an uphill task, which needed creating benchmarks in terms of product stability, and striking the right balance between saltiness and a combination of flavours.

Flavoritz can be used in a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways, ranging from dressing salads, sandwiches and pasta to enhancing the flavour of parathas and boiled eggs.

Flavoritz is available in 50gm packs and comes in attractive hour-glass shaped HDPE sprinkler bottles.

For more information, please visit www.tatasalt.com