Paras Farmoola


Paras Farmoola - The next generation fertilisers

Tata Chemicals is a pioneer in the field of crop- and region-specific customised fertilisers that provide balanced nutrition to the soil, boost crop productivity and improve the overall quality of the yield.

Sold under the Tata Paras Farmoola brand, these fertilisers contain macro and micro nutrients required by select crops in specific regions. They have been developed on the basis of soil, crop and water sample analyses.

Paras Farmoola fertilisers have been rigorously tested through more than 300 research experiments conducted on the field and at 12 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras. Field trials conducted on over 20,000 samples of crops such as paddy, wheat, potato, maize and sugarcane from 25 districts in western Uttar Pradesh, a north Indian state, report a significant increase in yield over traditional fertilisers.

The fertilisers are produced at the company's dedicated state-of-the-art 1,30,000MT facility at Babrala, Uttar Pradesh.

Paras Farmoola applications promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining soil health and providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. The fertilisers help correct the nutrient imbalance in the soil caused by prolonged inadequate or indiscriminate use of fertilisers, thus contributing to better crop productivity.

Key benefits

  • Enhances crop productivity with better benefit-cost ratio
  • One-time application of all macro and micro nutrients (except nitrogen) and hence convenient to use
  • Promotes balanced application of nutrients
  • Granulated to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients.

Today, Paras Farmoola is available in 30 districts of western Uttar Pradesh for four key crops namely sugarcane, potato, paddy and wheat. With encouraging results on crop yields and improved per acre farm income, Paras Farmoola is increasingly becoming the most preferred choice of farmers in the region.